AV Voice Changer 9.5.34 Crack + License Key Full Version Free Download 2022

AV Voice Changer 9.5.34 Crack includes comparison (where you can see the similarity between your voice and another in terms of pitch, timbre, and pitch) and analysis (where it shows a visual representation of the harmony, brightness, and tone of your voice . and appraisal). Chat can be a fun way to pass the time, especially if you’re willing to trick your friends. This amazing software is useful for users who want to be the voice masters of multimedia in cyberspace. They can use it to have fun chatting with instant messaging programs and make voiceovers and voiceovers for their video/sound clips, mimicking the voice of their favorite idol. Complete control over the age and gender of your voice!

AV Voice Changer 9.5.33 Crack + License Key Full Version Free Download 2021

AV Voice Changer Crack is the highest level voice changer software for PC series, designed for voice editing and voice manipulation for computer online and local applications. Edit your Skype voice or any audio file not only in real-time but also while editing the waveform! Needless to say, these are not the only changes you can make to your voice. You can also look like a boy, girl, old woman, or old man. Once you’ve made your selection, you can continue fine-tuning your voice by manually adjusting the pitch and timbre until you’re happy with the result – an equalizer can also be useful for these additional adjustments. To make your voice unique, you can add different types of background sounds inspired by nature, bicycles, public buildings, the sea, street voices, or trains.

AV Voice Changer Crack + Serial Key Keygen

AV Voice Changer Software Serial Key is compatible with many VOIP and instant messaging services such as Skype, Teamspeak, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, chat, Google Hangouts, curse, and more. It can also be used when playing online games such as World of Warcraft and Second Life. One is to use a microphone and start speaking, and the effects are applied in real time. You can also record your voice and then apply distortion during playback. Third, you can simply select an audio file on your computer and edit voices from it. In short, you can distort your voice to make it look like a man or woman, a celebrity or a politician, and thus make it unrecognizable to everyone on the Internet. The same effects can be applied to PC-Phone apps, so you can also trick your friends when you call them from your phone.

AV Voice Changer Keygen can be edited using various buttons and settings in AV Voice Changer. This new Diamond edition has a more advanced voice conversion algorithm. Voices can only be changed with a few settings in AV Voice Changer. There are over 30 ready-to-use voice presets and new add-ons through their add-on store, as well as a solid online library of community-created samples. For example, you can use the AV Voice Changer Diamond Edition software to change the tone of your voice and sound like a man if you are a woman, and vice versa. Once you find the perfect voice, you can start chatting using one of the available methods to enjoy AV Voice Changer Diamond Edition.

Features Of AV Voice Changer:

  • Change your voice from microphone, CD, line-in, or auxiliary input in real-time to hundreds of high-quality female and male voices, expensive, musical, and fictional sounds.
  • Convert WaveOut and DirectX streams in real time.
  • It has many ready-to-use sound and pseudo-voice effects.
  • Compatible with voice chat rooms, voice chat, audio and video conferencing, and PC-to-phone applications.
  • You can disguise your voice to be completely anonymous online.
  • Compatible with standard audio recorders, audio players, CDs, and karaoke players.
  • With AV VCS DIAMOND, you can edit various voices.
  • Audio files, sound effects for your audio and video clips, and movies.
  • you can convert songs or MP3 files and create your albums.
  • You can add effects from hundreds of ready-to-use sound effect plugins to live voice stream from microphone to audio file, MP3 song, or CD number playing on your audio player or CD player.
  • A combination of key/sound, effects, and sound quality.
  • EQ, and voice equalization settings are used to create new voices that can be saved for future use.
  • Fantastic algorithm for converting sound both in real-time and in batch processing of files.
  • 2D Pitch – Sound Diagram Check Simultaneously.
  • Offers a wide range of voice preferences and voice editing to enhance natural sound quality results.
  • It contains hundreds of ready-to-use aliases or vocal presets inspired by the term alias.
  • Real-Time Voice Changer Compatible with most VoIP applications, in-game chat, and web chat applications.
  • File Morpher Convert and convert batches of audio files with one click.
  • Voice Editor A compact and complete editor for your recordings in curve mode.
  • Record the converted voice and original voice to unlimited recordings time.
  • Voice Comparator Helps simulate target voice for funny calls.
  • Parody Mixer: Create innovative combinations of up to 4 parody voices.
  • Simple yet modern user interface.
  • Works well on all supported Windows versions.

AV Voice Changer 9.5.33 Crack + License Key Full Version Free Download 2021

What’s New In AV Voice Changer:

  • Negative Feedback FilterĀ  Eliminates self-replicating electronic noise that can be displayed when the microphone is close to the speakers.
  • Formant Morpher has been updated with fundamental changes that make it a more powerful feature to improve output quality.
  • More ready-made voice panel presets
  • Virtual Audio Driver (VAD) mode allows you to change the selected stream in the application combo box.
  • New parody voice packs are ready to use
  • New comparator items are ready to use
  • Fully supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Improved smartphone-style interface (colorful theme and round icon).
  • Improved voice conversion algorithm.
  • New beautiful 3D skin with a simplified interface and new plugin architecture.
  • Easier to use the Voice Morpher diagram.
  • Reset buttons to delete all settings and the ability to disable any module.
  • There are many more ready-to-use effects and nick voices available.
  • AV VCS 5.0 DIAMOND has a built-in voice comparison module, so now you can transform your voice into the voices of famous artists and singers.
  • AV VCS 5.0 DIAMOND features voice output and sound quality processors, which now means more options for voice morphing.
  • You can now create and apply Nickvoice Rules, which are rules for using nick’s voice in conjunction with other applications.
  • Improved graphic equalizer smoothes speech output.


  • The slope apparatus’s support
  • The intertwining channel has been added.
  • Voice-over component availability
  • Through veiled and honed effects, the video picture is better engaged.
  • Recordings stabilization
  • Copyright info is recorded in the yield document.
  • The use of 3D outlines to improve the presentation of complex data. Radar, bubble, spline, pipe, spline territory, and pyramid are some examples.


  • Understanding how to use the VSDC Video Supervisor is challenging.
  • There is no information available with a guide on how to use it properly.

AV Voice Changer Keys:





System Requirements:

  • 1Gh compatible processor
  • 250 MB RAM
  • Full duplex sound card
  • Loudspeakers

How To Install/Crack?

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The greatest version of the PC Speech Changer series, AV Voice Changer Crack, is designed to adjust voice and voice control for network and local computer programs. Open and edit all of your voice’s functions with ease. Your voice will change to sound lower, higher, younger, older, more feminine, more masculine, or anything you want it to sound like. You are in charge. With so many voice options and effects to choose from, every combination of settings you create defines a unique voice that you can keep and remember at any moment or update/edit as needed.

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